Out of hiding

DSC_3735 A few weeks ago I saw a swan and a canada goose preening themselves in the harsh wind at Måklåppen in Falsterbo. The goose hid against the seaweed on the beach and wasn’t noticed until it moved into the sea. In this picture both the swan and the goose are seen clearly against the sea. The goose is at the beachline. The hiding goose can be seen on my post two weeks back. Look carefully at the picture, it is easy to miss the goose to the right in the picture against the seaweed. More winged pictures at The BIRD D’Pot and more critters on Camera Critters.




9 thoughts on “Out of hiding

    • Swans tend to steal the show and the birds with more humble colors are put in the background not only literally. But the attention is on the swan in both pictures and the goose is in its shadow. They were very close to each other, I wonder if swans and geese could be friends? I wish you a good week!


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