Juvenile European herring gull in Tallinn


IMG_6361Walking from the harbour in Tallin to the old city we saw this juvenile gull fooling around by the quayside. More pictures on The Bird D’Pot.





The Gull and Johan Ludvig Runeberg


On the Esplanade in Helsinki, Finland, the poet and writer Johan Ludvig Runeberg stands as a statue. This gull has found Runeberg´s head to be a comfortable restingplace.

I share this post with The Daily Post´s weekly Photography Challenge: All-Time Favorites as well. I am very sorry to see the end of this challenge. I participated with my first post on this challenge in October 2012.




Portrait of a house sparrow

DSC_8498There is a tree outside my bedroom window just the right height to let me spy on the sparrows. A few years back there was a vine that had covered the tree and the birds were very fond of the tree.  This is a female house sparrow. More information about house sparrows on Wikipedia.

I always come to think of the Swedish poet Nils Ferlin and his little sad poem about a sparrow when I see the bird. I have made a try to translate the poem below and at the bottom of the page is a Youtube-link to an artist singing the poem.

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English Swedish
Not even a gray little bird
who sings on the green twig
there is on the other side
and that makes me sad.

Not even a gray little bird
and never a birch that is white.
But on the most beautiful day that summer brings
it has happened that I longed to be on the other side.

Poem by Nils Ferlin with my attempt to translate it

Inte ens en grå liten fågel
Som sjunger på grönan kvist
Det finns på andra sidan
Och det tycker jag nog blir trist.

Inte ens en grå liten fågel
Och aldrig en björk som står vit.
Men den vackraste dagen som sommaren ger
Har det hänt att jag längtat dit.

Nils Ferlin

Buzzard in Andover

I think this is a buzzard at Andover Hawk Conservancy, one of several that were flown in a group at their raptor show.

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 Update: Many thanks to Gordon who says in his comment this could probably be a red kite. I wasn’t at all sure when I looked at my pictures what it was and couldn’t remember what was said. Only I can’t see any dip in the tail that the kites I have photographed before have so I am still not sure. But I took another look at the buzzards it seems that their tail are longer.