This year’s nest

IMG_2381I found a nest when cutting apple boughs for fodder to dry for our rabbit. It is the beginning of August so it is abandoned and I hope the babies survived. I found a similar nest last year among the grapevine along a  wall. It looks exactly the same and it even have some plastic woven into it. I think it is a blackbird nest and wonder if they have reused material from the old nest as it is almost gone from where it was in the spring. The plastic seems to be the same.  The nest I found last year can be found here. Even though this post lacks a bird I am posting it to The Bird D’Pot and to this week’s theme Create at  A Word a Week Photograph Challenge: Create.

9 thoughts on “This year’s nest

    • I am very happy they choose my garden for their nesting, Though I almost never see them during the time when they nest except once several years ago when a magpie killed a baby bird. So I hope they have survived and are having a good life. I wish you a good day!


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