A male budgeridgar in front of a nest and a female budgeridgar in a bush. There were of course lots of budgies in the birdpark we visited in April 2019.

Notice the blue waxy cere in the male and the brown cere in the female. Young birds are often lilac on the cere and one can not be certain of the sex if you get them at a young age. Both these birds are the original green color but pet birds may be different shades of blue, yellow, white, grey and lilac. More bird pictures at The BIRD D’Pot and Saturday’s Critters.


Not a hen



Visiting Andover Hawk Conservatory we saw this raptor lying down like a hen in the cage. I can´t find any picture of a sign in my stash so I don´t know which species this is. I often photogrpah signs when visitíng zoos as to remember what species the animal is, especially with birds that can be difficult to identify if you are not familiar with it. This one seems to enjoy the sunlight in its cage.  More critters at Saturday’s Critters and more winged pictures at The BIRD D’Pot .

Fieldfare in Maryport

IMG_1727Digging into my digital shoebox with pictures I found this picture of a bird I am quite certain is fieldfare photographed along the coast at Maryport in northern England on our journey along Hadrian´s wall in the spring of 2017. To the memory of my husband who shared the journey along Hadrian´s wall in april 2017.

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