Parrots in Kensington Gardens


Parrots flying around my daughter who offered peanuts and an apple.

My daughter had visited Kensington Gardens before and met the parrots living here and wanted to show them to me. We were lucky and the parrots came forwards to partake of peanuts and an apple. No one knows why they are here and many different theories exist. But somehow a few parrots have been let loose in southeastern England and it is estimated that there is something like 8600 breeding pairs. They may be considered an invasive species and they were certainly the dominant species in comparison to the doves and the magpies we also saw in the park as well as lots of grey squirrels. They provided great entertainment and a great show for the price of a bag of peanuts and an apple and we had great fun .More animal pictures at Camera Critters and Saturday’s Critters and more bird pictures at The BIRD D’Pot and Wild Bird Wednesday.


It is not easy to see with a parrot causing her cap to slide forward.


Apple tastes good.


But a peanut is portable to fly into a tree with.

Ravens at the Tower

DSC_0128It is maybe not easy to see but there is a raven inside the cage hidden behind the loose raven. The legend say that the Tower of London will not fall as long as there are ravens at the Tower. On a sign I read that there are ravens born at the Tower but also rescues at the Tower. I don´t know if the ravens in the cages may be rescues or young ones and the loose ravens older ones born here or trusted not to run away even though the ravens have clipped wings. On Wikpedia there is more information about the ravens at the Tower of London.  More critter pictures on Camera Critters and more bird pictures on The BIRD D’Pot .

I want some food too


I want my food for myself.

I want my food for myself.

Visiting the Tower of London we were lucky to see the feeding of the ravens as well as other hopeful birds that wanted a share of the food. More bird pictures on The BIRD D’Pot .


Raven at the Tower

Visiting the Tower of London we were lucky to see the ravens. This is a sign warning that the ravens may bite and on the other picture you can clearly see that the raven has a clipped wing with missing wing pens. Otherwise he or she has beatiful feathers. Click on the pictures to see it in full. More black and white Pictures on The Weekend in Black and White.