The Gull and Johan Ludvig Runeberg


On the Esplanade in Helsinki, Finland, the poet and writer Johan Ludvig Runeberg stands as a statue. This gull has found Runeberg´s head to be a comfortable restingplace.

I share this post with The Daily Post´s weekly Photography Challenge: All-Time Favorites as well. I am very sorry to see the end of this challenge. I participated with my first post on this challenge in October 2012.




Baby gull on street

IMG_1361I found this baby on the street in the beginning of July. I was a bit worried he would walk into the street and tried to coach him into the bushes. I hope he made it. When I returned the same way half on hour later he wasn´t there anymore so I hoped the parents managed to move him in a safer direction.  More animals on Camera Critters and more birds on The Bird D’Pot.

In waiting

DSC_3533A pair of gulls are nesting on the inner yard. One parent is laying on the nest while the other one is keeping watch on the builders renovating half the building. I don´t think the gulls are very happy as they usually nests on the roofs but this year they had to find some solution to the homemaking problem. The pictures are taken in the beginning of June and I saw eggshells on the yard at the end of June. Let´s hope for the best. More winged pictures at Camera Critters & The BIRD D’Pot .


I want some food too


I want my food for myself.

I want my food for myself.

Visiting the Tower of London we were lucky to see the feeding of the ravens as well as other hopeful birds that wanted a share of the food. More bird pictures on The BIRD D’Pot .