A little opportunist heard me rustle with something that probably sounded like a plastic bag and came up to me.  I hope he or she learns not to thrust that easily. The bird is quite beautiful. More critters at Camera Critters and Saturday’s Critters and more winged pictures at Wild Bird Wednesday and The BIRD D’Pot .



DSC_6462Lovely little duckling in the canal swam all by its own. Two couples of mallards were nearby but I couldn´t figure out which couple were the parents. Or maybe they shared the parenting of this little fellow. . More pictures at Wild Bird Wednesday.


Mallards in Malmö

DSC_3455Handsome  or lovely? When I originally wrote two separate the drafts for this post with these pictures I used different adjectives for the male mallard and the female mallard. But I do think they are both handsome and lovely even though I tend to think by gender. Lovely is associated with female and handsome with male. The pictures are taken at the same occasion by the canal in Malmö, Sweden. There were several ducks so I don´t know if these are a couple or not. But they are both lovely and handsome. More pictures at Camera Critters, Wild Bird Wednesday and The Bird D’Pot.