The ducks at Upavon

IMG_6732I revisited Wiltshire in the middle of October and a special wish of mine was to see if the geese at Upavon still were there. We discovered them sleeping on the road in the spring of 2017 when we visited Wiltshire and my son drove this road from Urchfont where we had hired a cottage to Tidworth where my daughter works. Another day they stood in the middle of the road hissing at the cars. I have wondered if they survived as they seemed to be so fond of the road. So my daughter drove to Upavon on our search for the white chalk horses of Wiltshire. When we passed in the morning I caught a glimpse of them in the river. When we passed a few hours later we stopped the car and went looking and found them on a field by the river. On a closer inspection they turned out to be ducks and not geese and I counted to 17 ducks resting in the field and they all looked well. I suppose even ducks can show the behavior of geese or if it really were geese that I saw from the car in 2017. They seemed quite big and they hissed at the cars. More animal pictures at Camera Critters and Saturday’s Critters and more bird pictures at The BIRD D’Pot and Wild Bird Wednesday. I also share this post with  Our World Tuesday.



19 thoughts on “The ducks at Upavon

  1. I can just see and hear the geese on the road while hissing at the cars. Comical vision. Great post

    I’m running a bit late visiting this weekend since I spent about 5 hours in the ER with heart issues. Thanks for sharing your post with us at I’d Rather B Birdin


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