A promenade at Stonehenge

A rather large bird with the size of a goose, unknown to me,  promenaded itself at Stonehenge on Easter. More critters at Camera Critters and Saturday’s Critters and more winged pictures at Wild Bird Wednesday and  The BIRD D’Pot .

Update 2017-05-23 Gordon (see comment below) told me this was a rare bird, great bustard, that is reintroduced to the UK. A very cool and calm bird amongst the people visiting Stonehenge on easter. I Googled the bird and Wikipedia told that there are cirka 40 birds on the Salisbury Plains where this bird was seen. Many thanks to Gordon! 


12 thoughts on “A promenade at Stonehenge

  1. Hello, what a cool looking bird. It is strutting along. Great shot. Thank you for linking up your post. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!


  2. Hi Christina, what a great photo and how lucky you where , if anyone hasn’t already told you, the name of the bird is a Great Bustard. We are having a certain amout of success in reintroducing them to the UK.
    Take care, Gordon.


  3. Thanks to Gordon, we know what species it is…it’s VERY attractive, and looks to be quite large. I’m sure glad you found it and photographed it…..a rare bird…that’s so awesome.

    Sorry, I’m so late getting here to visit with you. It’s been a busy few days. Thanks so much for participating and sharing this with us birders at I’d Rather B Birdin’ this week…so appreciated!!!


    • Thank you! It was rather unusual in size and wasn´t afraid of all the people and of course people photographed it even though nobody knew what a rare bird it was. It scratched it´s head too looking rather cute. Anda after Gorodn gave me the name for the bird I discovered that this is the heaviest flying bird in the world as well. I wish you a wonderful weekend!


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