Portrait of a tree sparrow

IMG_4389This little guy ate vegetables on the walkway. A little Eurasian tree sparrow, passer montanus. More pictures on The Bird D’Pot and Camera Critters. .


19 thoughts on “Portrait of a tree sparrow

    • Thank you for your correction. I often find them together. I have a lot of them outside my window and always try to check to get the name right, but missed it this time. It is an Eurasian tree sparrow, but the latin name is correct, Passer montanus. In Swedish we a little lazily call both species grey sparrow, gråsparv, although the correct name for this bird is pilfink, arrow finch.The grey sparrow is in english house sparrow, As this bird is brown on the head it is a tree sparrow and not a house sparrow that is grey on the head. I have corrected the information in the posting.
      Thank you and happy weekend!

      Corection: not field sparrow as I wrote earlier but house sparrow.


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