Baby gull on street

IMG_1361I found this baby on the street in the beginning of July. I was a bit worried he would walk into the street and tried to coach him into the bushes. I hope he made it. When I returned the same way half on hour later he wasn´t there anymore so I hoped the parents managed to move him in a safer direction.  More animals on Camera Critters and more birds on The Bird D’Pot.


12 thoughts on “Baby gull on street

    • Thank you! Yes the parents usually circle above. I hope they managed to move him as it was a street where people passed all the time and a few cars as well. I wish you a great weekend too!


    • Me too! I think the parents were hovering in the air. He wasn´t there when I returned half an hour later and I couldn´t see anything on the street so I hope they managed to get him moved. I hope everything turned out allright for him. I wish you a good sunday!


  1. Me too….hope it lived through the day and made it somewhere to safety so it would survive and perhaps return the following season!!! What a sweet, sweet profile of the darling gull.

    Thanks for sharing this link at I’d Rather B Birdin’ this weekend. Always appreciated!!


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