The storks are set free

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Carl von Linné found lots of storks in Scania during his Scanian journey in 1749 but sadly the stork disappeared from Scania and Sweden in 1954. The last storks in Sweden were found by Hemmestorps mill where the 87 young storks bred by the swedish stork project was set free on July 26 2014. Together with the eighty storks that have been born in the wild this year they are expected to fly south in the autumn to Spain, Portugal and Africa. A few years back two storks were fitted with GPS-transmitters. One of the storks travelled east over Turkey all the way to South Africa but on the return journey disappeared in South Sudan. Neither the stork nor the GPS-transmitter has been sighted again. The other stork went to Spain and was found on a dump between Zaragoza and Barcelona. That stork has returned to Sweden and is probably one of the parents of this year.  A map of their travels here (Note that the trip to the United States is the GPS being serviced, not the stork visiting).  More information about the reintroduction of the white stork in Scania can be found here. More critters at Camera Critters and more winged pictures at The BIRD D’Pot.


12 thoughts on “The storks are set free

  1. What an interesting read. You wonder what happened to the stork/transmitter of the one tho? Some human intervention?

    Great pictures. I feel exhilarated watching them and hope they all return to breed again.

    Thank you for linking up at I’d Rather B Birdin’ this weekend. Always appreciated!!


    • I wonder what happened but South Sudan is not exactly a safe place for animals or people. The people at the stork project didn´t know. I think the transmitter that came back is supposed to go on a new stork. When I was a child the school books said the storks wintered in Africa and of the two storks that had transmitters one went to Africa and the other to Spain. The african stork flew far away along the coast of Turkey and Israel and over East Africa but the spanish stork stayed in Europe and flew over countries that weren´t at war. I read that bears migrated north towards Austria during the war in Yugoslavia so even animals are affected by war in a country. But I hope life will be good for these beautiful bird I saw released. Thank you and I wish you a good sunday!


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