Meet Hiiri the common kestrel

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Meet Hiiri the common kestrel with her handler at a zoo in southern Sweden. Hiiri is rescue with a wing that is slightly damaged. She was released after healing in her homeland Finland but returned four times. Now she lives at a zoo Djurpark in Sweden that shows Nordic fauna. She talks baby talk and feels safe with humans.

Hiiri weighs about 200 grammes and is quite a bit smaller than the peregrine falcon Loa that was displayed before her. She eats mice and other small animals on the fields. The common kestrels are known to hover in the skies.

Little Hiiri was gentle enough to let the handlers letting children handle her with the help of the handlers.

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Many thanks to my children for a lovely day!




18 thoughts on “Meet Hiiri the common kestrel

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    • Tack! Hon var väldigt söt och satt stilla på en stolpe som närmast 40-50 cm från mig. Men betedde sig mer som en tamfågel med sin skötare, men de sade att hon var präglad på människor. En underbar upplevelse att se henne. Hoppas du får en skön vecka!


    • Thank you! It was a very intense experience and I loved it. The peregrine falcon was very fierce and impressive and this little kestrel won my heart with her sweetness. I wish you a good week!


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