I better pretend to be dead

DSC_7568A little baby stork pretending to be dead when ringed by the ringer from the stork project that aims to restork Scania. Carl von Linné found lots of storks in Scania during his Scanian journey in 1749 but sadly the stork disappeared from Scania and Sweden in 1954. The stork is seen as the characteristic bird symbol for Scania along with the farm geese. In the middle of the 1900s most wetlands in Scania had been drained and the birds couldn´t find food. But now they have started to restore the wetlands and circa a hundred stork babies are born in the cages this year and circa 70 babies in the wild. The picture above is of one of the Babies ringed in Fulltofta on June 15 2014. More information about the reintroduction of the White stork in Scania can be found here. More winged pictures at The BIRD D’Pot .



19 thoughts on “I better pretend to be dead

    • PS…Would you mind if I borrowed this image and link to this post NEXT week on the meme/Bird D’Pot? This so touched me in a good way. I don’t have time to do emails these days since I’m allotting my time spent online, but I would really like to have EVERYONE that visits my photo blog to view this incredible story. Let me know in my comments if you approve. thanks again.


      • Thank you! It would be fun if you shared the picture. I will probably come up with more post on the storks when I go though the pictures from today. It was the guide from the stork project that told us they pretended to play dead. They ringed five stork babies today and they do it before they lose the play dead behavior so it is easy to handle them. It was a lovely day. We saw them on the nests with their parents and they sat up and ate from the food so this is a bahaviour that is supposed to protect them. I wish you a good week!


  1. Love that pix! My late husband was Hungarian. He loved storks. Storks are appreciated in Hungary as much as in the northern countries. Naturally he said that they ‘bring good luck’ and that everybody in the country would like to have one on the roof… Storks are not so common in Italy, so we believe that the good luck bird is the swift – they nest right under the roof overhang and make a terrible mess underneath, but luck is assured … Cheers, v.


    • Thank you! It may be this stork will come visiting Andalucia in the autumn. The guide at the stork project told about a stork with a gps-sender that spent quite a lot of time in Spain before coming back to Sweden. I wish you a good week!


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