An odd jackdaw

DSC_0406An oddly colored jackdaw in England photographed in september 2013. The eyes look colorless as well. They are usually blue. More animal pictures on Camera Critters and more bird pictures on Wild Bird Wednesday and The Bird D’Pot.


22 thoughts on “An odd jackdaw

    • They are fun to watch. I have seen jackdaws fighting. There were two that fighted and the others stood in a ring watching much like a human boxing fight. Quite amazing to watch, Birds are very social animals. I wish you a great sunday!


    • I don´t think so, I seem to remember he (or she) was smaller than the ordinary jackdaw. I have seen a blackbird with the same kind of odd feathers. We have a white cockatiel who has some grey feathers, The ordinary cockatiel is grey (with yellow head and orange markings). The cockatiels we had before were bigger as well than the small guy we have now and he sounds more like a budgeridgar than a cockatiel. But it is more common in pets than in wild animals. I wish you a great sunday!


    • Thank you! I think it is a mutation of some sort. The jackdaw was as I remember it rather small and that makes me think of our white cockatiel that is also smaller than the grey ones we had before. He is white but have a few grey feathers randomly distributed. And the eyes of this jackdaw is colorless. They have very often or almost always very striking blue eyes. Tried to ggogle the word but couldn´t find it. But I am certain I have known it too, I wish you a good sunday!


    • Jag har sett en koltrast här i Malmö med några vita fjädrar bland det svarta så det förekommer säkert här och där i naturen. Vår nymfparakit är mestadels vit med spridda gråa fjädrar och gråa vingar men han är ju en burfågel. Men han är också mindre än de naturligt färgade gråa fåglarna vi haft tidigare och jag tycker han låter mer som en undulat än en nymfparakit. Jag önskar dig en skön helg!


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