DSC_3381Not exactly Donald Duck but nevertheless he said quack. I don´t know if it was a warning or communication with his peers as a female duck nearby also quacked. The picture of the male mallard is taken in the canal in Malmö, Sweden. More pictures at Camera Critters, Wild Bird Wednesday and The Bird D’Pot.


14 thoughts on “Quack

    • Thank you! I see birds on way way to work every day but I find other people don´t look. I photographed a small bird in the bushes one day and a lady came by and wondered what I photographed and became quite astonished there were birds there. Seems like the birds become invisible as part of the landscape, But I have had birds for on and off since I was a child and know how indiviual and clever the birds can be. Sometimes I tell the wild birds to not walk so close to the cars. I wish you a good sunday!


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