DSC_3592-2A quote from my son on seeing my photographs: “Pictures are like bird fledglings.” I had to ask him to explain. “All don’t make it.” He had realised that for every photograph I take that I rate as good I take many more that don´t turn out as good. Thus the comparison to bird fledglings.

Sometimes you are in luck as when I passed this gull scratching himself while swimming. I would think it would inconvenient to do this while swimming but nevertheless that is what he managed to do. But never, never put the camera in the bag until you are home and no unexpected pictures can happen. That is easy to say but sometimes you don´t want to go around with a camera all the time. And of course then something happens that makes you wish for a camera. And unexpected pictures always run the risk of being unsharp and having problems with the exposure. This picture is not sharp but the gull makes something unexpected that will not recur if you don´t spend all day watching the gulls. Two years ago I went by a bush and found a great tit collecting red wool from a lost mitten someone had hung on the bush. I managed to get a picture in the bad morning light even though it is not perfectly sharp. The picture can be found on my other blog.

The picture with the scratching gull is taken with a Nikon D3000 and the lense is 70 – 300 mm and the picture is cut.

More bird pictures on Wild Bird Wednesday and The Bird D’Pot


15 thoughts on “Scratching

    • Thank you very much! It is mostly luck when you get good pictures. And sometimes I am quite surprised at what the birds do. And then it helps to have the camera handy and hope one gets a few shots. Maybe one will be good.
      My internet has been unreliable all morning and when I discovered that it was wrong i couldn´t see the new link I put in. So I thought it was better to write a comment. Sometihing is not working correctly today even if I don´t use the wireless.
      I wish you a good sunday!


  1. Gulls are notorious for doing the unexpected. I think they are the ADD children of the bird world. You were Johnny on the Spot this time … great catch. I hear you loud and clear about carrying your camera with you, especially if you live in an area where there is a lot of wildlife. I have this little argument in my brain every time I leave the house … should I take it or not. I have learned, over time, that every time the “or not” wins, I regret it. So, I carry my camera in the car everywhere I go and I never park too far away to run and get it if I don’t take it with me. The other problem I have is taking one lens or the other and needing the other when I don’t have it … oh my the problems we face when we are addicted to photography. This was a great post, Christina … enjoyed it thoroughly.

    Andrea @ From The Sol


    • Thank you! Always the wrong lens when you need the other lens. But sometimes you are lucky! And both gulls and the crow family does interesting things. I wish you a great weekend!


    • Thank you! I am camera addicted so I take the camera almost every time but there are times when you don´t want the to carry a bag all the time. Iwish you a great sunday!


    • We are maybe a bit too hard on ourselves. But I think it is better to return to the pictures than delete. A lot of the pcitures doesn´t make it. But I keep clicking in the hope to catch something good. And it is after all living birds that do what they want to do. Sometimes they can be still quite near you but at other times they don´t cooperate at all. I wish you a good weekend!


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