Blackbird and apples

DSC_3503It is cold and it has snowed so the blackbirds come to feast from the fallen apples.  More animal pictures on Camera Critters and more bird pictures on Wild Bird Wednesday and The Bird D’Pot


19 thoughts on “Blackbird and apples

    • Thank you! It feels good to help the birds survive. Saw that the blackbirds still are there this morning but I am avoiding to go out there as not to disturb them. They need their strength just now. I usually let the apple I don´t use fall and let the birds feed freely. It is now when it is below the freezing point they come many at a time. I wish you a good sunday!


    • Thank you! The blackbirds are here all year around. I see them often. A bird book told me that they can have nests 10 meters apart and judging from the birds eating apples in my garden now I think that is the case. That would mean every garden here would have one blackbird family. And I have found a nest in the garden during last year that I think belonged to a blackbird. I wish you a great sunday!


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