A rook enjoying snowfree grass

DSC_3037A rook picks through the  grass for some food. More bird pictures on Wild Bird Wednesday and The Bird D’Pot.


7 thoughts on “A rook enjoying snowfree grass

    • Thank you! I think the rooks and the jackdaws that were picking in the earth were i took the picture are stocking up in case of worse weather. I wish you a Happy New Year!


    • Tack! Jag tror den njuter av att det finns gott om mat. Den gick i en hel flock med fåglar som rotade i gräsmattan. Hoppas du får en bra vecka!


    • Thank you! This picture is taken in my hometown where the rooks and the jackdaws allow one to come within 2 meters distance. But I have found that the English rooks and jackdaws are not so easy to come close to, They take flight much more easily when one tries to come closer. So I think that depends on the location. But I will continue to enjoy them on the streets, I wish you a good 2014!


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