Rook searching for acorns

The turkish oak has shed its acorns and the rooks and the jackdaws pick through the leaves to find the acorns. Click on the pcitures to see the full picture! More bird pictures on Wild Bird Wednesday and The Bird D’Pot.


10 thoughts on “Rook searching for acorns

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    • They are here all year round. But i didn’t see what they were picking until i had a look at the picture. There is a row with turkish oaks along the road. I have seen rooks in England too but maybe they are only in europe. I wish you a good sunday.


    • Det är en råka. Råkorna och kajorna brukar ses tillsammans men kajorna brukar lämna plats för råkorna. Råkorna är ju större. När den här råkan flög sin väg kom en kaja i närheten fram och rotade igenom löven i hans ställe. Ha en skön vecka!


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