DSC_0021The light is getting weaker and it is harder to photograph birds as I go to work before it is fully daylight. I caught this magpie on my lunch. More bird pictures on Wild Bird Wednesday and The Bird D’Pot.


23 thoughts on “Magpie

    • Thank you! The colors were not good in the original but turned out great in black and white. The texture reminds me of newspaper print on this photo. I wish you a great sunday!


    • Thank you! I go to work when the light is coming now but in a few months time it will be dark until nine in the morning and getting dark at three in the afternoon. So I don´t take as many pictures in winter as I do in the summer. Especially not of birds. I wish you a good week!


    • Tack! Nackdelen med att bo i norr. Men var tid har sin charm. Men jobbar heltid så det blir inte så mycket foton under vinterhalvåret som sommartid. Ha det bra och ha en skön vecka!


  1. That monochrome works splendidly in the poor light. Even here in Florida we notice how sunrise is getting later. Makes it easier for us to get out early, though Daylight Savings Time is coming soon!


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