I found a nest

IMG_1015I found a nest when searching for some small thing that fell out of the window while I cleaned. It is in the middle of August so it is abandoned and I hope the babies survived. Probably a blackbird nest as they tend to nest on walls covered with vines. This one thought plastic was a great to add to the building material and I found great strips below the nest and woven into the twigs. Not only humans use new materials. Even though this post lacks a bird I am posting it to The Bird D’Pot.


16 thoughts on “I found a nest

  1. I suppose if a bit of plastic looks like a length of grass there would be no reason not to use it. It would make an interesting project to look at how much “man-made” material makes its way into nests these days.

    Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne


    • Yes it was a surprise. And that window has stood open most of the summer as there is a rabbit in that room that needs to be kept cool as they can´t stand high temperatures, And I haven´t noticed it. But maybe the birds trust me, after all I go around talking to them when I meet them in the street in the morning. I wish you a good sunday!


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