Baby gull update

DSC_0013Monday morning I saw the gull baby in the same space again. He holds his neck in the same way as the baby I saw last week. But of course he has changed his feathering a little as he is a week older. This time he seemed fascinated by the shining door. There are a lot of trees along the street but this is early in the morning so not many people is around so he can admire himself for a while. The trees are only feet away, although it does not show in the picture.  I am standing on the sidewalk under the big  trees with a long lens. More winged pictures at  Wild Bird Wednesday.


12 thoughts on “Baby gull update

    • Thank you! I was lucky to see him again. Always carry the big camera lens on my way to and from work now as there is a lot of birds around as the big trees that is shedding their seeds and the birds seems to like that. I wish you a good evening!


    • Thank you! I saw him yesterday again so another update is coming. He seems pretty calm and doesn’t run around without a plan. He must be hiding somewhere close when I don’t see him.


    • I don´t Think it alone. Mum and dad visits form time to time. But I hope he makes it. But he seems to be a sensible little guy as there is a lot of highly trafficed roads nearby. I hope all will be well with him and that I will see him again.


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