DSCF9296The pictures of this little baby gull was taken with a pocket camera a few years ago. Looking through the pictures I realised that the markings made the head disappear against the stones in the picture where the little gull was running. So the camouflage is efficient when the parents breed on stone ground.  More winged pictures at  Wild Bird Wednesday.



9 thoughts on “Camouflage

  1. They do blend in very well. I banded some of these birds many years ago, and they were hard to find even if you knew they were there!

    Welcome to WBW. Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne


  2. HI Christina I have just discovered your blog on WBW. I have just been on an island where we saw and handled these birds, some only days old. Yo may like to check it out. I did 6 posts in the series, entitled, Copeland Island Visited. Is there no where on your site that I can join? I would like to see some more of what you come up with. Margaret


    • Thank you! I had a look through your pictures. How loveley to see them close up and to handle the chicks. I forgot to add the join feature. I will fix it now. I have branched our from from my main blog where I put all kind of pictures before and decided to have a blog for only birds. I wish you a great day!.


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